Thanks for finding me online. You may be looking for my background to prepare you for the upcoming election. You may be looking for answers to questions about the issues and where I stand. Great! You’ve come to the right place.

This site is designed to make it easy for you to get to know me. I’ve lived in Springfield for almost 30 years. My wife, Brenda, and I have been married for 37 years and we have two daughters and two grandsons. Springfield and Greene County are home, and I’m committed to making it the best place possible for those little boys as they grow up – and for you and your family as well.

From this site you can send me a question, sign up for more information, or invite me to spend an evening with you and a group of your friends. I believe in leading from understanding, and I can best understand our community by knowing you and your needs.

So please take advantage of what I’m offering. I want to be able to count on receiving your opinions and your support, so that you can then count on me to represent you and your concerns.

My desire is not to be a politician, but to be a public servant.


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I understand that government works best for our community when collaboration and cooperation are more than just political slogans; but the way to get things done.  Over the years, as a small business owner and college educator, I have developed relationships with our citizens, the business community, and those in government and education.  I know how to effectively work with people to achieve a common goal.

I look forward to meeting you, hearing from you and speaking with you on the campaign trail. In the meantime, read more about my vision for our community, here.

Bob Cirtin
The Common Sense Conservative
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